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Parks & reserves: Lake Nakuru National Park


There are three public campsites inside the park. All of them have water and latrines. The Backpackers Campsite is close to the park's Main Gate, near the HQ. It is a very popular and usually crowded place, therefore you can expect everything but repose. It has full toilets. The second one, Njoro, is located next to the Njoro river, 1 km away from the Main Gate. Finally, the Makalia is at the south end of the park, far off the lake and close to the waterfall. Actually there are two campsites here, at both sides of the fall. They are much less used than the former two.

The number of special campsites varies upon demand, but so far seven are usually available. The most popular ones, frequently used by safari companies, are Nyuki and Nyati, both beneath the acacia trees at the northeast shore, past the Hippo Point when driving from the Main Gate. The latter is smaller. Other sites include Soysambu, Naishi, Reedbuck, Chui and Rhino.


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Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru NP
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